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Probe Information Services is a full-service investigation firm providing surveillance, field investigations, database services, vendor coordination, and Special Investigation Unit (SIU) fraud analysis, compliance, and training to the insurance industry’s self-insured entities, carriers, and third-party administrators. Probe is committed to maintaining our strong reputation and position of leadership in the industry by operating our business with the highest levels of ethics and integrity, and by providing our client partners with a detailed, honest, and timely work product.

Established in 1992, our company has grown over the years to become one of the most successful SIU, fraud compliance, vendor coordinators and investigative providers in the country. We are diligent in our client satisfaction and proud of our 100% partnership retention. Our staff combines skill, experience, ongoing training, and sophisticated methodologies to compile and present the answers you need to bring about resolutions.

Core Values – Probe PRIDE:
PROUD: of our history, our team, our community
RESPECT: with communication, with time, with everything you do
INTEGRITY: acting with honesty and honor
DELIBERATE: laser focused on the objective and high quality results
ENJOY: your work and your life, celebrate successes

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Toll-free: 800.397.6517
Fax: 800.373.6547

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