More Q & A with Jennifer (Field Investigator)

Question: What’s your team like?

The Field team is great! They are responsive, smart and easy to communicate with.  They listen and are attentive and respectful.  I feel lucky because it’s nice to have a team you respect.  When you respect your team, it gives you a better foundation to do your job and you feel secure in doing your job.  We have such high standards here, having people who care, who are smart, and who communicate and believe in it, it really makes me grateful.

Question: What do you enjoy about working for Probe?

It is a great company and they respect their employees.  I enjoy being an investigator and love the variety and all the things I learn on the job each day.  I am fascinated by people and human behavior and being an investigator, I get to learn about people and their lives.  Probe is a smart company who respects the employees and listens and cares about them.  The fact they send us fun things in the mail is such a nice touch.  I just get the feeling that everyone in charge is smart and I really respect them.  There is no way to really put a price on that.

Question: What growth opportunities have you had?

We are encouraged to improve.  I was promoted to a Senior Investigator. I am included in potential changes and am asked for my feedback before changes are implemented.  Decisions are explained and not just implemented.  I am also involved in meeting and interviewing potential candidates and then training the new hires.  I didn’t expect those things would happen when I started to grow with the company but they have been great opportunities.  It is great that I am doing the job I like to do but have also been given additional tasks.  I feel like I have learned a lot from being a trainer and it has helped me grow as a leader.

Question: How would you describe our culture?

Our culture is one of respect.  It’s a culture of high standards.  We are expected to do our job and if something happens or goes wrong, we talk about it and discuss how we improve it.  This job affords you a lot of autonomy, so you need to be accountable.  I know that Probe cares about and respects its employees.  All the little things that management does are so nice and a sweet surprise.

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