More Q & A with Kelly (SIU Analyst)

Question: What do you find the most challenging about your job?

It can be hard to meet client expectations. Sometimes they think we are law enforcement and can do a lot more than we can. We have to explain to them what is and is not allowed. For example, we won’t entrap people or invade their privacy.

Question: What do you enjoy about working for Probe?

My coworkers and EVERYBODY. I first started in the office and then went remote. Everyone is always so nice and willing to help. It’s like family and some of these people I don’t even know. I have never had a bad experience talking with anyone. My job is fun and exciting, every case is so different. It is definitely mentally challenging and stimulating.

What growth opportunities have you had?

I always tell people that I got really lucky. Probe took me in as a recent graduate, they trained me, helped me to understand what I was doing. I was not in the insurance industry prior to this job and didn’t know workers’ compensation. All I knew was if you got hurt, you reported it to your Supervisor.

My Supervisor has really has helped me understand our clients and our positions. Probe helped me obtain my CPFI certification (Certified Professional in Fraud Identification). I have been able to go to conferences to meet clients and law enforcement that we work with. Probe has assisted with my continuing education for my certification requirements. They have really helped me grow into a Senior Analyst.

Question: How would you describe our culture?

Very tight knit, almost like family. I have seen multiple examples where Probe tries to help out the employees. We had an employee whose newborn son was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and Probe bought us all shirts and the proceeds went to the hospital the son was being treated at. Also for me as a new Mom needing maternity leave, HR was very helpful to help me in understand my options. Probe really cares and takes care of the employees.

At one point I was dealing with an ailing parent and went to put in my 2 weeks’ notice as I needed to move to take care of them. My Supervisor spoke with the President and they allowed me the opportunity to work remote so I could take care of my family member. I will be forever grateful for the accommodation they made for me.

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