More Q & A with Angela (Surveillance Administrator)

Question: What do you find the most challenging about your job?

For my particular job, one of the most challenging things is trying to build relationships with our remote staff who are not in the office and who I don’t talk to every day. It can be hard to make those people feel less like strangers. Building relationships with the internal staff is also hard. I am learning personalities and styles. But then I have those moments where they get it or I helped them and that is really rewarding. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to stay focused on the actual people. When you build an actual relationship with someone vs. just managing their workload, they want to help you and you want to help them and that builds a stronger team environment.

Question: What’s your team like?

My team is GREAT! I really like everyone we have here. Everyone is really fun and outgoing. Our team loves the competition Thursdays that we do at the office. Overall everyone wants to do a good job and get things done.

Question: What do you enjoy about working for Probe?

I like knowing that what we do is making a difference somewhere. When I came here it was one of the major things I was looking for. It was important to me that I felt it wasn’t just a come and go position. What you do actually maters and counts somewhere.

Question: How would you describe our culture?

Really relaxed and comfortable. I think that everyone is really accepting of one another. There is not that one person that you have to think about what you say in front of them. There are not people that have set perspectives you have to manage around. Everyone is very laid back and welcoming.

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