More Q & A with Danny (Surveillance Investigator)

Question: What do you find the most challenging about your job?

Every pursuit is different, every surveillance is different. I don’t really know when I am going to get off each day, with surveillance it is not a set schedule. You could make plans to go out to dinner and then you work till 9 pm and have a 13 hour day.  I love the job and that is probably why I don’t really find it challenging. But you do have to produce.  Probe is serious, it’s a professional company and that is not a bad thing.  We publish monthly statistics which help to hold you accountable.  It’s good to see if you made the “Top 15” and keeps you motivated to compete to be at the top.  You shouldn’t be able to just sit and do nothing.  I have been head hunted and I am still here.  Probe was the first one that took a chance on me when I wanted to get into the industry and they have never done me wrong. I LOVE Probe.

Question: What’s your team like?

We have a strong team. When I am training new hires, I impress upon them that we have a strong group of people that have been here a long time.  Even some of the newer members have been here at least a couple years.  Consistency of the long term Probe employees means we all understand how to work together and communicate. It’s a solid group of people who enjoy being here and helping each other out.

Question: What growth opportunities have you had?

There are always growth opportunities. We are a bit smaller so there are not a TON of opportunities.  But that is also because people like this place so we don’t get a lot of openings due to people leaving.  We have a lot of good people in good positions. I have been offered promotion positions but I don’t want to move to Sacramento and work in an office.  I like it out in Surveillance.  I know if I wanted to go to my Supervisor and ask for more, I am SURE there is something Probe would find or create for me.  You are not stuck in your position.  I have been sent to offices to interact with clients, I was promoted to Senior Investigator and I train new hires.

Question: How would you describe our culture?

Culture is one of the things that most drew me. It was small when I started and very close knit.  We all knew each other and it makes you feel like everyone is a family. Even as we grew, we have tried very hard to keep it feeling that way.  We do competitions and have a weekly newsletter.  Being a Senior Investigator with over a decade of experience I always think I can go anywhere.  The trick is can you find an investigative company that is going to touch all the bases for you.  There are so many wonderful things about Probe that other companies don’t do.  Working for Probe since 2007, I am still happy, it still does it for me, and every day is different.

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