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Q & A with Jennifer (Field Investigator), employee since 2006
Question: What do you find the most challenging about your job?

Definitely scheduling since we arrange and schedule our own meetings. It’s challenging because we can be contacting multiple people for multiple cases and there can be hiccups, like maybe you don’t have correct information or information has changed. Then once you do reach someone, their availability can be a struggle. They have limited times they can meet with us, or if you have multiple people at one job site, they might be on different shifts. We want to accommodate them to make the process easy but it’s a juggle meeting client needs and subject needs. We call, email, text, send letters using all methods to reach people.

For a newer person I would say their challenges might be knowing the right questions to ask and ensuring it is relevant and they don’t miss anything. We are dealing with serious matters, people’s lives, injuries and livelihoods and we want to make sure we get it right.

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Q & A with Kelly (SIU Analyst), employee since 2014
Question: What’s your team like?

We are very, very close. I always say I consider them my best friends. They are always a call away when I need to discuss something personal or work related. We go to each other and work together to solve problems. We have very open communication and are very tight knit.

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Q & A with Danny (Surveillance Investigator), employee since 2007
Question: What do you enjoy about working for Probe?

I really enjoy the people I work with. You can get more money anywhere but the question is, are you going to find the company that you enjoy the people, the supervisors, the admin, the investigators? Are you going to enjoy the people elsewhere?

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Q & A with Angela (Surveillance Administrator), employee since 2017
Question: What growth opportunities have you had?

I was promoted within a year which was awesome. It is hard here because the doors are not always labeled with the next step for growth. If you want to promote, you definitely can but you have to try and you have to make it known. What is good about Probe is there are so many options or routes you can take. You have to be willing to work to pave your own path but I just talked with my supervisor and we worked out a plan for my growth. It is hard for some people to see things that aren’t there since we don’t have clear position progress paths. Sometimes what we want to do isn’t there right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t eventually do it.

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Q & A with Jesse (Background Investigator), employee since 2011
Question: How would you describe our culture?

We put a huge emphasis on the quality of the work we output. There has never been a time where shortcuts are encouraged. We are not trying to maximize profit, we are trying to provide the best product for our clients. There are all sorts’ of things we could nickel and dime but we don’t. We don’t try to offer things that are not necessary or beneficial to the case. Integrity is a big thing. We could be a lot more nefarious with social networking, but if it’s grey, we steer clear. It may sounds like a template for corporate culture but it is true here. The things you hope the company does ARE what we do.

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